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We don’t claim to be Supermen, but we speak the truth


We are available 24/7 for you!’ – Yes, Look In Glass provides round the clock glass repair and replacement services for all emergency glass repair. You have emergency for fire, emergency for leakage, so why not emergency for glass? Your shop front glass shatters and it may lead to lesser customers till your glass is repaired. For high rise offices, any glass damage may cause serious damage to the office’s reputation and more serious threat of human injury if not immediately repaired. To prevent any such threats, Look In Glass provides emergency glass repair services to all areas of metropolitan Melbourne any time of the day or night.


Call us to clean up the shattered glass immediately: do not try doing it yourself since glass is a dangerous element to handle without protective gear and proper training. We will immediately clean the mess made by the broken glass. In case of special glass such as tempered glass or stained glass, Look In Glass shall immediately apply a film of bandage in case the glass is cracked. For the standard glass, Look In Glass will immediately replace your glass and you may resume your work with no further hassles! For shop front glass windows, we shall in addition to replacing the glass, also rewrite the sign originally present on the glass.


Look In Glass is also an A-1 guide in providing immediate solutions regarding glass installation. In case of glass replacement where you may want to install some other type or color of glass, Look In Glass will temporarily install security shutters and install new glass after consulting with you. Emergency glass repair is essential both at homes at and offices mainly for security reasons. In offices, children are your primary concern while at any office employees are your major concern. In case of public places especially meant for entertainment, any glass repair not done immediately may cause troubles and tragedies of Shakespearean magnitude! (generally involving lawsuits). So, make haste in case of emergency glass repair, and call Look In Glass.


Look In Glass is your one stop shop for all your glass requirements in Melbourne, so look no further that Look In Glass for getting a trustworthy, quality-for-customer-centric glass installation, repair and replacement specialist.