Pool Fencing Suppliers

Look In Glass offers fencing materials for your pools that seamlessly blend into and encloses your pooling area. Look In Glass offers both frameless and spigot pool fencing materials for your pooling area – our glass material is safe, durable and affordable, and gives a distinctive look to your swimming pools. Our high-grade materials shall ensure that the pool water does not spread to the other rooms, keeping things neat and clean.

For a continent like Australia priding a hundred and seventy eight cumulative medals of gold, silver and bronze at the Olympics, swimming plays an important role in the area of sports. Parents want their children to be the future Ian Thorpe or Stephanie Rice, and many houses have swimming pools in the garden area for swimming practice… or just a blast of fun in the pool in the summer heat. However, pools can be a messy affair – kids love splashing in the water, kicking and whamming the water attempting a breaststroke and in their efforts, splashing half the water outside the pools. Cleaning the water can especially be a chore if the pool is in-door. So, would it not help a great deal to set up a pool fence around your pooling area?

Look In Glass supplies sturdy, hard to crack 12 mm safety glass for pools in Melbourne homes and public swimming pool areas. Thoroughly taking into consideration the style you desire and that is best fit for your pools, Melbourne offers a contemporary, sleek and modern pool fences. Look In Glass pool fencing material can be fixed either using spigot, by building channel or using standoff; however, Look In Glass recommends using spigot fixing as it helps hold your glass at a height so there is no accumulation of dust underneath it.

Your pool fencing can either be frameless of semi-frameless, depending on how you want it to stand out. In case you have young kids, semi-frameless pool fencing would be preferable due to more visibility so your kids don’t bump their tops against the glass. Our supplementary hardware is made of heavy duty 316 marine grade stainless steel and aluminum – you shall get quality range keyed gate deadlocks, slim line patch fittings and concealed gate closers from Look In Glass to keep your glass fencing safe and secure.

Look In Glass is your one stop shop for all your glass requirements in Melbourne, so look no further that Look In Glass for getting a trustworthy, quality-for-customer-centric glass installation, repair and replacement specialist.