Stained Glass

Look In Glass manufactures stained glass with designs of your choice to embellish homes, offices, churches etc with bright and flamboyant colors. Look In Glass has consistently delivered immaculate quality and gorgeous composition in the stained glasses it manufactures, adding varied contours to glass windows, panels and cabinets. You may choose from a wide range of our lovely designs, ranging from traditional Gothic patterns and Victorian patterns to contemporary designs.

Stained glass is a very decorative glass design that is mainly used in windows and panels of churches. A very old style originating right from the ancient Egyptian times, this glass is known mainly for the beautiful assortment of designs depicting mainly narratives from the Bible. But today, it is possible to get nearly any design on stained glass – you can have divine Marilyn Monroe on your bedroom window if you like!

Now you may have heard the term ‘leadlight’ windows used interchangeably with stained glass windows? There is a degree of difference in them: an additional coating of paint is added to the colored glass that is held together by lead in the case of stained glass to give a neater, sharper finish. Look In Glass provides stained glass that is buoyant and wind and water resistant, standing the test of time so you can rest assured about your investment in us.

Children are the most precious in the eyes of their parents, but having children also means providing them whatever they want. Their rooms have to make them feel comfortable so have enough space to color the already painted walls with their crayons! Now would it not be a lovely idea by having a stained glass work of their favorite cartoons on their windows and cabinets? It would transform the look of their rooms and keep them happy too.

Melbourne itself is home to some lovely stained glass creations – whether it is that regal pattern on the Princess Theater windows or that magnificent work inside National Gallery of Victoria. Now, your homes may not be able to contain such huge works, but would it not be cool to have a miniature model with a similar design on your windows? Australia is a continent rich in culture and heritage as such, and having a piece of stained glass work in your homes and office would add an artistic glow and an interesting finish.

Look In Glass is your one stop shop for all your glass requirements in Melbourne, so look no further that Look In Glass for getting a trustworthy, quality-for-customer-centric glass installation, repair and replacement specialist.